About Peggs

When passion turns into a product

Peggs was born during the pandemic because, founder, Grace O'Brien wanted to make a plant-based alternative for one of her favorite foods: eggs. Grace loves eggy foods and baked goods, but always felt guilty for consuming them because of ethical & environmental concerns, so she started experimenting with egg alternatives in her kitchen.

She saw a huge opportunity -- there are hundreds of plant alternatives for other animal products, but so few good, natural plant egg replacers that could do it all. That’s where Peggs comes in! Our hope is that Peggs can make everyday food more sustainable & plant-forward. 

Why we love chickpeas

Peggs are made with real ingredients that you can pronounce. Our main ingredient is ground chickpea, which is a key component in Indian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Chickpeas are tasty, nutrient-dense, and great for rotational farming practices. Our recipe combines this traditionally Indian staple, chickpea flour, with other plant ingredients, spices, & emulsifiers to create an "eggy" texture and flavor.

On average, Peggs need less land, water, and energy to produce than factory-farmed eggs; plus, they have a longer shelf-life to encourage less food waste. And, did we mention no chicks were harmed in the making? We hope you 💛 Peggs & chickpeas as much as we do!

The mission

Peggs' goal is  to develop mission-driven food that is delicious, healthy, and sustainable, and makes veganism more accessible. We are working on every aspect of the product and supply to make improvements and hope to be carbon neutral by 2022.